Talking About Biases With Our Students

Listen to Harvard professor Mica Pollock’s suggestions for how teachers can begin to frame conversations about race and prejudice with their students. In this two minute video clip, Pollock discusses the importance of teachers sharing their thoughts with students concerning their own biases as a way to promote open minds with regard to personal prejudice.

Then take the “Race IAT” and “Skin Tone IAT” at Project Implicit to uncover your hidden biases. Created by researchers at Harvard, Yale, the University of Washington and the University of Virginia, these implicit associations tests (IATs) measure unconscious or hidden attitudes and beliefs about race and skin tone and will tell you whether you have hidden preferences for whites or blacks and for light skin or dark skin, and to what degree. The tests will present you with images and words that you will then to match according to the provided instructions. When you finish the tests, an assessment of your “preference” for certain characteristics will be revealed. It is really quite interesting. There are ones for age and body size, as well as many other areas where we all harbor unconscious attitudes and beliefs. The tests are so revealing. Click the “I Wish To Proceed” tab at the bottom of the link and then choose from a menu of online tests. I found it very revealing.


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