Park 51 Mosque Debate

PARK 51 Debate

Barbara Cervone from What Kids Can Doshares this “In The News” curriculum resource: Tanenbaum’s Religion and Diversity Education program specializes in multi-cultural/coexistence education that includes religion as a component of identity to be recognized and respected. Tanenbaum tackled the divisive mosque debate by creating resources for educators to help turn the Park51 controversy into a lesson in coexistence. Included with this Curriculum Guide are balanced materials and resources to address this contentious conflict. Click the link below to download your free copy.

To learn more about the Tanenbaum organization, click the link below.


One Response to Park 51 Mosque Debate

  1. SLC says:

    This public debate has brought out the very worst and the very best in humanity. My students enjoyed hearing from the mother of one of the 9-11 victims (see blog’s In the News section for link). I opened class last week by showing students the front cover of the NYTimes whch had a great photograph of protesters yelling and waving their signs. I then showed the short MSNBC video clip that the blog has linked in the drop-down page titled: 9-11 Anniversary. We spent about ten minutes just sharing our thoughts about the possibility of buidling a mosque near the World Trade Towers and discussing the fear and anger that this debate brings out in people. I hope to start class at least one day each week with a similar time for reflection. Keep up the resources.

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