Staff Finial by Osei Bonsu

This staff  finial from the Ashanti tribe was created by Osei Bonsu. How might this African carving lend itself to discussions about age and the imortance of seeking counsel? Could this carving be considered a mirror for the way our society regards elders or a window to how we could? The three figures are in the midst of a discussion. What might we asume about the one figure who is sitting? Can you imagine a topic that the two figures might be discussing with the figure sitting? How does this scene illustrate an important element in peaceful relations? Does our society need more conversation and  consideration of another’s perspective?

The staff was carried by the chiefs and elders of a tribe and served as a symbol of strength, power, authority and social prestige. If you could create your own staff what would you carve on its finial? If you could lend your staff to a leader of our “world tribe,” who would you lend it to and what would you hope it inspired them to consider.


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