Church Revival by Carlton Garrett

Church Revival by the late folk artist, Carlton Garrett, brings to many people’s minds memories of their own faith traditions and practices. Whether it be a revival, a prayer meeting, singing in the choir, or serving as an acolyte at Sunday services, Garrett’s piece evokes a sense of community and union for many Christains. Do pieces like this speak to people of other faiths? If so, what are the messages that they convey? Faith serves as a theme for a lot of southern folk art. Why do you think this is so? Can pieces like this serve as conversation starters across faiths and be an invitation for others to share art that expresses and reflects their own spiritual traditions?


3 Responses to Church Revival by Carlton Garrett

  1. Rich Newman says:

    I saw this in a 1983 Popular Mechanics magazine – titled “Mount Opel” I’m hoping to see it in motion some time.
    Thanks for posting

  2. Arnon Ivey says:

    I was very fortunate to be able to see Carlton Garrett’s work in his shop behind his home many times as a child. He is my dad’s uncle. It was very facinating to see these pieces operate. In this church scene, women would fan themselves, the preacher would pound the pulpit and people would clap their hands. Amazing!

    • Patricia Clark says:

      I was just about to thank the poster because Nicky is also my dad’s uncle. His wife, Bert, was my grandfather’s sister.

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