Art as Inspiration

Educators from Embracing Differences’ nine participating schools are gathering at The High Museum in Atlanta on Wednesday, September 15 for an afternoon of collaboration. At this workshop, hosted by The Glenn Institute for Philanthropy and Service Learning, art teachers, diversity, and service-learning coordinators will work together to develop mini-lessons for their students that will allow them to engage with select pieces from the High’s permanent collection. These art pieces will serve as inspirational prompts for student discussion around the topic of diversity. We believe exposure to these works and the conversations that they will elicit will provide the fodder for students’ personal expressions.

Update 9/24: To see the art selected from the High’s permanent collection, click on the individual drop-down pages in this section.

To see photos and a write-up from the Educators Workshop at the High, go to the blog’s toolbar and click on WORKSHOP HIGHLIGHTS.


One Response to Art as Inspiration

  1. Amy Bitcover says:

    I have an idea. How about the three elementary schools hold some money for the show at Oglethorpe. We could take our students to see the show. Perhaps Oglethorpe teacher candidates would like to participate in an activity with our students after we see the show. It could be a lunch, a sports activity, a round robin of activities.

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