Idea for Field Trip to Anne Frank Exhibit (coincides with release of graphic novel)

I was just sent information from the Anne Frank House in the Netherlands about the U.S. release of the Anne Frank graphic novel. See excerpts of it on the Anne Frank Channel on YouTube. I’ve inserted the video below.

What about the idea of middle school students visiting the Anne Frank exhibit in Sandy Springs in October? Many middle school students read the Anne Frank Diary and this visit might be a great way to get students thinking about the many ways this sort of hate crime continues to surface in our world. At the exhibit site we could do a small group reflection activity. I will look into the possibility of participating schools receiving two copies each of the graphic novel for students to check out. Just an idea…let me know if this sounds interesting. We should check and see if any English classes are reading this novel (good cross-over connection). Museum entry is free for all students. The link to the museum follows.

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One Response to Idea for Field Trip to Anne Frank Exhibit (coincides with release of graphic novel)

  1. sbmc53 says:

    This animated version of the story is poignant. I am available as a volunteer to go with a class or two to the exhibit as a chaperon. It will be interesting to hear the comments the students make about the exhibit. I wonder if they can use their imaginations to try to put themselves in hiding against a predator.

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